People Don’t Change, They Adapt.

People don’t change they adapt. Change is where the grass is shorter or the flowers have colours or the seasons are different. People don’t change they adapt.

Yes I understand that sometimes you have to believe that person will change or you will end up giving up on them. Change is like believing. If you don’t belive you will just give up.

The reason I say this is, think about this. If you where the person who you are in your head. The 100% you, in my case everyone would hate me and I’d more or less be in jail. Because I’m a honest blunt and if someone does my head in I just want to smack them. But i don’t because I don’t want everyone to hate me nor do I want to be in jail so I’ve made my self adapt to make sure these events don’t happen. But just because I’ve adapted doesn’t mean that now again I’m blunt with people about being honest and giving my opinions.

Also look at it this way. Why do you think when you see someone changing and they go back to who they where. You say “Wow you’ve changed for the worse”. Well something along them lines. They haven’t changed its just that them adapting isn’t gaining anything for them anymore so why should they not be them self.

People only adapt because they are either gaining something or they are going to end up gaining something.

The reason i’ve made a blog post about this is because I’m a very opinionated person. And this topic has been playing on my mind. What do you think about the hole of this and my opinion?


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