My Desk SetUp (27/10/2014)

Right so i’m adding more and more computer stuff as i find them lying around my room. If you can see them 3 desktop computers on the left. I’m wanting to get them all up and running at some point. I’m wanting to turn the little one into a FreeNAS server 🙂 and the other 2 i’m just wanting to fix them up and get them running. I need to write down a parts list at some point. Or i should just make a amazon wishlist and buy as time goes on or all at once if i can actually get my self around to saving haha. I’ve also got a working iMac G3 in the loft and another iMac G4 shell. So many modifications can be done with the iMac G4. Also i’ve got 4 iMac G3’s in total. If i had a cat i could make a cat bed out of one haha. I’m running out of space to be honest if i want to display everything haha.

Tweet me @liamgreen94 or comment with your desk setup 🙂



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