My Apple Rant

Apple what are playing at these days. You as a company have gone right down hill. What happening to making products that make a change in the industry not just updates to tech we already have. You might as well start selling Microsoft Lumia devises. Since when did Apple become about making money. I thought it was about us. The people. Pushing technology into our hearts. Making technology that can make a difference day in day out. So we can spend more time with what matters.

I’ve got a 2009 Mac Mini. And it’s Amazing. It’s still Apple routs. It runs Yosemite like it did with Snow Leopard when it first came out. Infarct i’d push it to say it’s better.

People are not buying as many iPad as they used to. Yes of course there not. Because what’s the difference between the model they have and the knew one. What faster, TouchID and a better Camera. Oh how cool. That’s totally pushing the boat out with innervation Apple. I would rather you pushed a new iPad out every 3 years or same with all your tech. So we actually get stuff that changes the course of the tech industry rather than a new fancy camera.

I’ve always seen Apple as that company who makes industry changes, and leaves the every year updates to other companies. Like Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc.

You know what i’m going to push this Apple boat out and say APPLE YOU ARE BECOMING LIKE SAMSUNG!!!!. They push updates out each year for everything and release products into markets that don’t exist they are like the gap fillers of the technology market.

Apple put it this way. If half of the Apps i use where available on Windows. I wouldn’t be posting this from a Mac.


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