Been Busy.

Over the last couple of days i’ve been rather busy. Been trying to get all my desktop computers running. Could only manage to get one running out of the four. I could get the Dell Dimension 3100C working but, it would cost me more to buy the parts and just buy a new one. I think that’s crazy how i would cost me more to replace the parts rather than buying a new one, crazy! Today i’m busy again, had to move all my stuff from next doors shed as i had some stuff stored in there. Still need to sort it out just had a rest and some food haha.

As you can see from the picture at the bottom of this post i’ve got a lot of sorting out todo. It’s mostly old computers oh and a working iMac G3 with Mac OS 9 :). Need to find my Mac Pro keyboard and mouse and get it all set up. Wish one of my 2 iMac G4’s worked. Would be awesome. Eventually i will have the spare cash to buy a iMac even if it’s a basic iMac with a intel core 2 duo or something. I think the idea of a iMac is brilliant, everything in one. Right i best be off as i have work to be done. Cya in the next post.



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