Facebook Rant

I know Facebook is a pain in the bottom. It tracks what you do etc. But think about it like this. Why are people so bothered about being tracked? You are posting things online. If you don’t want people to know about it go right to the people/person you want to tell that information too and tell them to there face. Even sending a letter can be spied on.

I don’t understand this hole, oh no they can access my information thing. Of course they can access your information. You’re storing your images etc in there database. That’s like going to someones house and then creating a weapons plan and not wanting them to see it. You just don’t post it there. You go and do it somewhere else.  If you don’t want people to see it ever, even if you upload it as private then just don’t do it.

You see i use Facebook for many reason.

  1. For keeping in touch with family and friends
  2. To make new connections and to keep in contact with clients
  3. I have Facebook Pages
  4. To share what i’m doing technology/cycling/hiking etc with family & friends etc
  5. To share pictures of said points in no. 4

You see, even if you set your Facebook as friend viewable only. Someone can take a screenshot of your status and just post it all over the internet. Nothing is safe. If you don’t want it online then don’t post it online. Seriously just don’t!


2 thoughts on “Facebook Rant

  1. If people don’t make a fuss company’s wont know where the line is for tracking. People have the right to privacy no matter what their doing. Having every message logged is an invasion of privacy, why would they NEED every persons messages? Why store everyone’s data? Sure they’ll give you some bullshit reason like it’s to protect the public from things such as terrorism but that’s no reason to store data on everyone.


    • Yeah you make total sense. But think about it. You are storing data on a server. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Facebook or Google or Twitter or w/e site it is. The data is being stored. Why do you think you can see posts on Facebook from 2009 or as far back as your profile goes back. Because that data is stored on Facebook’s servers. The best way to be private on the internet is to install a VPN application on your computer and not have any email accounts or social accounts at all. Everywhere your data is tracked. Also you have to think how much does it cost to run Google, Facebook or even Twitter each year? You want a free service so it’s the price you pay. They get to store your data and use it to show you better ad’s etc and you get to use there service for free.


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