SetUp Has Changed Again (No Surprise)

Right, All tidy and set up. Got my amazing windows machine (half a laptop connected to a external monitor) on the go. The desktop that you see on the desk is connected to nothing… Don’t really know what todo with it. Anyone want to buy it???. Least i have a windows machine now for any windows stuff i need to get done. It’s a 32-bit laptop so i can see my self installing Windows 10 Tech Preview 32 bit on there. Ohhhh the fun 🙂

I’m actually thinking of getting a new monitor with a vesa mount on the back and mounting the laptop onto the monitor and get a wireless keyboard and mouse. All in 1 PC 😛

I’m wanting to do a lot of projects lately, just need to save up the money for them really. Some of my projects include;

  • Turn iMac G4 into external display
  • Carry on making my own tablet from old laptop

That’s just a couple of projects that i can name that i want to get done at the moment. I will of course be doing blog posts on here and doing videos of them over on my YouTube (So make sure to go subscribe over there for updates…). Can’t wait till i’ve got the money to carry on making my tablet. Will be making a parts list for it all once i’ve finished. Oh and also the laptop to tablet mod can be done with any laptop. The main tool you need is a dremel and a evil side for cutting things up :P.

Thanks for reading my blog post, and hope to see you at my next post. Till then Cya 🙂


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