Installing New Hard Drive In My Late 2009 Mac Mini

Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my amazing blog posts :P.

Today i’m going to be talking and showing you about my install of a new hard drive into my Late 2009 Mac Mini and my future plans. Just want to start off i’ve had this device since 2009. Yeah i’ve even got a unboxing of it on YouTube (If you want to watch it click here). I’ve had it since then and i’ve only recently changed the hard drive. The reason i’ve changed the hard drive is because my Mac Mini was starting to slow down. I did think about just doing a clean install of Yosemite but i thought, seen as the hard drive has been in there isn’t it time for a upgrade. So i did, i replaced the 320GB HDD with a 750GB HDD :). I’m eventually going to replace the super drive with a SSD and hopefully i can then set up fusion drive inside of OS X. The reason i’m going to remove the super drive is because i don’t use it anymore and i’ve got a USB DVD drive anyway so don’t need it. Plus i would rather have a faster mac mini than have a dvd drive. It’s one of them things i would be willing to let go. But since i’ve got a USB dvd drive the super drive is basically never used. Actually i think it’s broke because it didn’t work last time i used it. So i would need to replace it anyway… Here are some pictures, the video will hopefully be up rather soon. Go subscribe to my YouTube to be notified of when it’s live 🙂 (click here)

[Video Will Be Here]

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PS: I could of made a tutorial video but i thought it would just be better to make a video about my discussion of this topic and just link to iFixit’s tutorial. So if you want todo this your self please go follow this tutorial: click here


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