My Apple Life (iLife) Story

Hello and another blog post it is. Today I’m going to be talking about my Apple life (or iLife, see what i did there haha). Anyway let’s get started.

2009 was the year of Apple for me. It was the year I got all my Apple products. I didn’t plan to get them all in this year. It just happened. I got the iPhone 3GS, my first iPhone and of course I got it in White. Later in the year I got my MacBook Air which I no longer have (read on for why). In the same year, I then got my Mac Mini. I still have it and use it. In fact, I am using it to type up this blog post right now. Still in the same year, I got my iPhone 4 on the day of it’s release.

My iPhone 3GS:

I remember getting this, I had spent months and months wanting one. I remember going on the Apple website and at the time. I knew everything about the product, I’d been on the website way to much. I was obsessed with the product. I don’t know why, it’s a bit strange now I look back at it. But we all have our little strange ways, don’t we. I also watched a lot of unboxing videos on the device and a lot of videos on YouTube about the device in general. Eventually I got one and wow it was the best piece of tech I’d ever had. Come to think about it was my first ever touch screen phone too. I remember downloading loads of apps for it and it was the device i did jailbreaking on too. My first YouTube channel (started in 2009 too) has a lot of jailbreaking videos and a lot of videos just include my iPhone 3GS in general. It was with me all the time haha. I do miss this device. Just the design of it. Loved it and still do to this day. Yeah, I like my iPhone 4 design but it was my first ever iPhone and Apple product so I have that connection with it and it was the reason I wanted to get into YouTube tech videos too. I don’t know why but it started it off. Maybe because I watched loads of videos on the device so maybe that has something todo with it too. Also forgot to mention, I had the 32GB version too. 🙂

MacBook Air:

Oh my other baby. I no longer have this anymore. It started to break and would not work so i sold it. Was painful to sell it but was no use to me and to be honest, I don’t have the money to get it fixed so had to. I could of let it collect dust and then got it fixed eventually but no point really better of being with some one who can fix it and get it working again. This was my first Mac product and damn it was a real good felling. I came home and it was just in it’s box (Another note when i sold it i still had the parcel box it was delivered in yes. So i had that box for 3 years. Yes i sent it to the person who bought it from me in the original box I got it in too haha. Also I had kept the box for the MacBook Air and the plastic wrap the Macbook Air came in. So basically it was packaged kinda like new. Wow such a Apple fan boy haha) and well i just chucked my bag on the floor (Yes my parents shouted at me for that but i didn’t care, there was my dream laptop right in front of me) and well got a knife and opened the parcel box and there it was the Macbook Air in it’s own box. I’m making this sound way to dramatic that this need to be, oh well. For some reason I didn’t do a unboxing of this device and I’ve hated my self for not doing that. I don’t know why I hate my self for it just do. I opened the Macbook Air box and there it was. It came with Snow Leopard (OS X SL) and did a couple of videos on it too (Videos will be below). Oh the joys.

Mac Mini:

Oh my baby. Yes, I called it that haha. It’s been though 2 house moves and been put in bags and bags as I travel and moved around and it’s still alive (Touch wood it stays alive for many more years to come). Only problem with it is that the super drive (dvd drive) don’t work on it but I have a USB dvd drive if I need to use one so not that big of a deal really. I remember the day I ordered it, what a exciting day. It was my second Mac computer, I already had the MacBook Air. Yet this to me was something big. Finally I had the Mac set up I’d been wanting for ages. The Mac laptop to use on the go and my Mac desktop to use when I’m home. It was my dream set up and I had it. Oh what a good feeling it was. I remember after ordering it I lost a lot of sleep. I spent my time talking about it and tweeting about it. I was way to excited for a product but I don’t care haha. I got a day of school too which was good haha. I got to have a day off school the day it was meant to arrive and it did. I’ve got the unboxing video on YouTube some where (if i find it will be at the bottom of this blog post). I’m so glad I’ve got this Mac Mini. It’s just a all around great device. It’s small too so it doesn’t take up much space on my desk. Brilliant.

So there we have it, my story of my Apple life. Hope you enjoyed. If you have a blog make sure to write you Apple life story (if you have one). I would love to read other peoples stories.

Goodbye peeps.
Liam (Greenie)


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