Transfer YouTube Channel to another Google Account

So if you are like me and you have loads of YouTube channels but you want them under 1 Google account because you are sick and tired of logging in and out all the time or you’re like me where you can’t transfer videos from one account to another yet so you’re wanting all your YouTube channels under one account well here is how. I found this out on the blog (source link for info at bottom of post) and wanted to share it with my audience. Basically it makes all your YouTube channels connected to google+ pages and then you make your mail google account a manager of that page and that making you become a manager of that YouTube channel too. Then after 2 weeks you can make your main google account owner of the page/channel and remove your old gmail account from that page and then you can delete that gmail account or do what ever you want with it. Sound complex but it’s actually not. Will try and get a video up ASAP for you all.

Step 1: Go to YouTube Advanced Setting page of your Channel (which you want to transfer). Here you will find a new button titled “Connect with a Google+ Page”. Click on the button. A new window will appear asking to keep username or choose a better one.

Choose the first option to “keep your username”, accept the terms and condition and click “next”. Don’t worry if you get an error page but check if a new Google+ page has been created.

Step 2: Now go to the newly created Google Plus page and Add a new Manager. Invite a manager by sending email. (This user will be your new YouTube channel owner at the end of the tutorial)

Step 3: At this step you or the new manager will need to verify his email id and accept invitation to be a manager. Just check email and click on “Be a Manager” button.

Step 4: Now go to Google plus page and change the privilege from “Manager” to “Owner”. You will find this page on “Managers” Tab. Also, there might be a 2 week wait time to complete the step four. If you find such message then come after 14 days and transfer the ownership of the YouTube channel.

Source: BlogSynthesis


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