Why I Hate Android

Before I start I don’t fully hate android (yet) I just dislike the way it works. I’ve been using the iPhone since the 3GS until the beginning of this year where i thought I’d go for something different and seen a really good deal on the Samsung S4 so thought why not give it a try. Yeah that was a mistake and here is why…

Right so I’m that used to iOS that yeah i guess I’m being a fan boy and also this is android not iOS. Maybe i might like android but just hate Touchwiz. That wouldn’t surprise me but android is driving me crazy. It’s all over the place. The folder structure is a pain and the app drawer too. I want all my apps on my home screen(s) and for them to be in categorised folders. That’s how i work, but no Android just seems to be everywhere. The Play Store is a pain too, I can’t even access the categories to even set up my folders manually.

Oh and don’t get me started on how annoying TouchWiz is. I hope when Samsung release the next version of touchwiz for the Samsung s4 early 2015 with Lollipop Android. Things will change and for the better I hope. Also another thing I don’t know why but when I used iOS Apps they seemed more elegant and the design seemed more thoughtful. But it seems to be on android that it’s “Oh that’ll do”.

Yeah i understand a lot of these points are personal hates on Android/Touchwiz but as soon as I can get a iPhone again I will be. I’m curious about what your thoughts are on Android, comment them below.


6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Android

  1. I don’t really understand all of what you said in this post/article, but it seems to me that you could just use a wireless router, create a wireless access point (secured of course), and then just use that access point whenever you need to use the internet, and from anywhere in your house. I am probably way off the mark on this, and not even addressing the issue at all, but as I said, I didn’t really understand all of what you said here.

    At any rate, I do hope you get it all straightened out. 🙂


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