NETGEAR Powerline 200 Mini

Hello and welcome to another blogpost. (Videos below)

I’ve been wanting a good internet connection in my room for a while now. I was thinking of getting a WiFi repeater but thought against that. To much of a hassle and can’t really do much with it. I wanted to be able to have ethernet ports in my room as well as a good WiFi signal. So i ended up remembering i had a router in my computer parts that works via a ethernet cable. So what i have done is use the powerline 200 mini and connected it to the main router downstairs and then connected it to the Belkin router in my room and that means i’ve now got my own WiFi connection and also 4 ethernet ports that i can use if i need to use them at any point. Below are my 2 videos. The unboxing video and also the Set up video showing you how i’m running it.

The reason i want ethernet ports and my own WiFi connection is because i do computer repair so it means i’ve got direct access to multiple ethernet ports if a computer i’m working on doesn’t have WiFi. It’s great having 2 WiFi’s, i’ve also got a 5GHz WiFi now and i must admit it already seems faster. See normal WiFi runs at 2.6GHz (If i remember correctly) witch means microwaves, house phones etc can interfere with the signal. But not many appliances use 5GHz so there is less interference with the WiFi. For me it’s kinda “two birds, one stone” situation. I get the better WiFi i wanted. I can connect any device to the WiFi and i also have the ethernet ports i wanted too. Right less of me rambling on. Enjoy the videos below…



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