Waiting Around With My Coffee & 4G

So here I am on my phone (Samsung S4) just browsing around. Just been thinking about things. Like for instance the device I”m holding right in my hand can do everything I do on my desktop pc. It”s amazing how things have come along in technology. Yeah I”m only 20 but I can still remember the days when all your phone could do was text, call and of course play snake (Nokia 3310 Oh yeah!). I”ve also been thinking of what blog posts I could write on this blog. But the problem is I don”t get up to much to write about things. Think i need to go outside more. But it”s winter, it”s all cold out there haha. The problem with me is i want to write about things on here all the time. But most of it is just a couple sentences long with paragraphs. Basically what you post on Facebook. But I”m thinking of combining all the stuff I write into one blog post. It”s my blog hahah.

At this moment of time this blog is my own. I can post what I want because know one is interested in my blog at this current time. We all do it. Make a blog and if it get attention we tend to write what keeps people here. But i do love writing blog posts. Keeps me busy thinking of new ideas and things to get done while I have free time. Like making that iMac G4 pinboard. Still need to fix it up a bit, but it”s okay and still works as it is. So no rush there.

No doubt there will be a couple blog posts over the next couple of days. I”m going to start scheduling blog posts so there is at least one a day when i”m on a blog post making mode. Find it annoying my self when there is loads of blog posts at once so I’m going to trickle them out. That’s all for this post, so see you in the next one 🙂


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