Day 1 Of Stopping Smoking #LetsStopSmoking

If many of you didn’t know i smoke (well did, as of today). I’ve only been smoking for 3 years and now is a good time for me to stop. I’ve honestly got bored of it. I used to enjoy it. Now i think oh eww. I have to have a drink after i’ve smoked. So what’s the point anymore. So i’ve decided to stop smoking. I’ve also done a video on it witch will of course be at the bottom of this blog post. I’m going to be using this blog as a way to help me stop. If i need to get something done or i’m finding it difficult i’m just going to write a blog post on something random to help me get though it. Either on my computer or on my phone. I’m using one of these electric cigarets to help me though it all. I’ve tried the gum and the patches and they didn’t work so hopefully all this works. More details in the video..

My goal is to be smoke free as of 2015. Not making a new years resolution or anything like that just want to be a non smoker by 2015. Of course i’ll be using my electric version but hopefully to be actual smoke free by 2015 and hopefully by mid 2015 be completely smoke free. It’s a goal and a half but i’m sure i can do it as long as i keep my focus and also using this blog to help me though it by writing blog posts and just anything to keep me occupied will hopefully help me. Also if you are too stopping smoking or currently trying to stop please comment down below on how you are stopping and what’s helping you and also how long have you stopped for so far. Would love to read your story. Right that’s it for this blog post hope to see you in a couple of days no doubt 🙂



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