Creativity And Getting Things Done

This is one of them blog posts where i didn’t really know what to name it so i went with something direct, simple and to the point. The image above isn’t off my desk (I wish it was) it’s from a website called Unsplash, brilliant place if you want images for your blog but don’t want to pay for them. Like me no money but want to make a effort for my website. The reason i’m creating this blog post is because i feel like sometimes i just loose the touch of being creative. But i’ve found a couple of way to keep me a creative kinda person and to get things done. Before i start the best way to get my self to get things done. Is to just stop waisting time putting it off and just getting it done. That seems to help me haha.

I find some days i just don’t want todo anything at all. And with it being dark really early seen as it’s winter it hard for me to get outside and get things done that i enjoy. Like going out and collecting wood for our multi fuel fire (We live so far out we don’t have gas we have to burn wood and coal to get hot water and heat the house). I think i need to start getting up earlier it’s not helping that i’m sleeping into the late of the day. I got up at 3:30pm today, it’s just hard for me to get out of bed when i’ve got nothing todo or don’t have a purpose for doing it. But i’m sure if i keep trying i can get my self up and out of bed so i can at least get some work done outside. All i need todo is put warm cloths on and go off out getting some wood for the fire. There is a fair amount of forests around here on public ground so you can go and collect wood that has naturally fell to the ground. There is actually a lot. Actually would be good if i could get up early tomorrow as i need to get the back yard tidied up for winter before the snow hits. There is some wood that needs chopped up and tided and needs cleaned up and sorted out in general.

Back to being creative. I find that a simple google search now and again and also looking on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Google+ seeing what other people are on with seems to get my creative spark on the go. I’ve got loads of old technology lying around and i don’t really like to throw stuff out i like to recycle things from it and make things that i would normally buy. Saves me money and also keep my busy. Two birds one stone as they say. One project i’ve done so far is my iMac G4 Pinboard. It still needs a couple things done to it just to make it looks nicer but it works just like any other pinboard. I’m also going to turn a empty iMac G3 case that i have into a plant pot for in my room. Just too add some nature to this all man made environment. I’m also wanting to make a all in one PC from a old laptop and a monitor. It’s been done before but it seems like one of them projects i’d love todo. Building a case out of wood for the laptop motherboard etc to go into and also try and make it so the laptop and monitor run from the same power source. The laptop i’d use is VGA so it would be a straight connection. Would get a monitor with a VESA mount so it would be easy to mount thew wood case onto it. It would have to be a min of 22″ monitor. Wireless mouse and keyboard. Would be a great project. Yeah it been done before like i said but this is something i would of made. Also need to get some shelfs made and put up in this room so i can store my tech and gadget box’s.

Also if you get the chance try and watch a TV show called “How It’s Made” it’s a brilliant show. It shows me how to build things and when they do the hand made products episode it helps when i come to make something of my own. I can put the steps that have been shown into what i’m making and get a better result. Well tomorrow i’m going to get the yard out the back all sorted and ready and get the wood all cut up and sorted too. These are the kinda blog posts you can expect as i’m stopping smoking. It just gives me something todo while i get rid of the feeling of wanting to smoke. It’s helping and i hope it continues to help. So till the next post cya 🙂

Image Credit: unsplash


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