There’s A Whole Different World Out There

It’s 4:34am right now and I can’t sleep. Most likely have something to do with now waking up till 3:30pm yesterday. My heads thinking. I call it thinking mode and instead of wasting it. I though I’d just draft some blog posts while I’m awake and on my phone. So the hole point of this blog post is really to help me get to sleep.

I’ve been thinking about the world about how it feels really wired. I’ve been on holiday to majorca and kos but there is so many other places I’d live to visit and it’s just like. Why can’t I go there right now. But they are so far away. You don’t realise how massive this earth is untill you want to go some where. I was watching a program it was “wheeler dealers trading up” and he was in Australia and I didn’t realise how massive it was. It was 400+ miles to get from a to b. That’s like going from Carlisle to Birmingham. And just to think that’s a tiny bit of Australia. Just shows how small the UK island is as a hole really.

There are so many places I want to visit. Here is my list of where I want to go. Don’t forget to comment down below where you want to go.

1. New Zealand
2. LA, Las Vegas, California and New York
3. Greenland
4. Iceland
5. Sweden
6. Austria
7. Dubai

Actually I could write a list till I fall asleep. I just want to tour the world. I’m a massive fan of different cultures. For instance you and your neighbour do things differently. And sometimes it’s a real good eye opener to be able to do things better and quicker and just see it all from a different angle. I think that’s why I’d love to travel to see all the different cultures and learn so much from them too. I hope one day I can travel the world. I hope I get lucky enough todo that one day. Hopefully that dream will become a reality. Anyways that’s that blog post over. Cya in the next one 🙂


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