I’m Starting To Understand Religion

I’ve always been massively against religion. I’ve been that person who wouldn’t listen about it. Would always give my deepest opinions about it when ever someone talked to me about it. But I’m think I’m finally starting to understand it all.

I’m just going to be honest right here. I don’t belive God is real. I don’t belive he helps us with our life or can change things. I just don’t belive in him. But what I’m standing to understand is religion it’s self.

Here is what I think religion is all about. It helps shape who you are as a person. It’s not about trying to convert everyone it’s about having that guide in your life to help you though bad moments. It’s also about respect and being nice to other people and understanding how things work with said people.


One thought on “I’m Starting To Understand Religion

  1. Religion has never been about trying to convert everyone into believing that God exists. To some people, God is a figure of hope and believe. God makes me have courage through hard times and guides them in their times of needs. The fact that you would try to express your opinion in a negative way to other people is just straight up wrong. If you don’t fully understand something then you should just keep your mouth shut. For some people, religion is the only thing they have and you shouldn’t try to talk them out of it. Not wanting to listen to people who are going to discuss religion with you is just very childish.
    Your 20 and you’re only just accepting religion? Did you only just start to grow up? Do you not understand anything? NOT EVER RELIGIOUS PERSON TRIES TO SHOVE RELIGION DOWN OTHER PEOPLE’S THROATS!


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