Day 19 Of Stopping Smoking

It’s been 19 days of stopping smoking and i already feel like I’ve got loads more energy and feel more alive.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t just been on my e-cig for 19 days I’ve had sometimes 3/4 cigarettes a day max. Yesterday I had only one. It’s for one one of them bad habbits I do that I now and again enjoy. I know for sure soon enough I’m going to end up quiting fully. But it’s still in a early stage of me stopping smoking.

If anyone out there is wanting to stop smoking I would give it a go. Defiantly get a e-cig they are brilliant. And when it’s raining I’ve been sitting inside all dry while people go outside for a smoke and get all wet. That’s defiantly a plus feature.

Also I can already see the money saving side of it all. Where I’m able to treat my self to some lovely food like a small steak or fish or something I would normally have to spend that money on tobacco. It’s such a better feeling. Can’t belive it’s been 19 days already. I feel brilliant in my self health wise and also proud too of being doing it this far.

I know i haven’t fully stopped but I will get there. For now I’m just tickeling my self off it and that is working for me. So I hope to be posting in another 19 days that I’m still doing well. Also thanks for all the support on here and social networks. That has also really helped me. Thank you everyone.


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