I Got The Fitbug Orb

I decided to take a plunge into the activity trackers. And went with this one because it don’t need charged every night and also it was on offer for only £30. It was cheaper than amazon so went for it.

I’ve only been using it for a couple hours and I already love it it tracks really well. Of course overtime it will become better with the more info it gets. It also is real simple to use too.

Click button once and it syncs the data across. I wear it on my wrist as a watch replacement. Will no doubt wear it on my wrist till I get a smart watch. One thing I wish it was is waterproof so I could wear it 24/7.

The App is real good too. Here’s is a pic of the main interface


It does what it says it does. It’s brilliant. Youtube Unboxing will be on its way as soon as I can get it edited. Need my computer for that and currently only got my phone. Also I bought 3 wrist straps too because. So I have different colours depending on where I’m going to my mood haha. My review will be on its way in a couple weeks or so. So seen you then


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