FitBug Orb Unboxing

Well the video is here. It’s taken a while but i’ve finally got my computer and edited the video. The video is below. As i’ve had the FitBug orb for a while now you can expect the review to be sooner than later. But until then here is my small written review.

For a basic level fitness band it’s brilliant. I see it as basic because well of the price it’s at the lower end of the range. The thing i love about it is I haven’t had to charge it once since i got it, because of how low power it is.  The App is brilliant. Witch you will see in the review video. The app sometimes does crash and i’ve noticed you can cheat with the steps just by shaking your hand if you wear it in the hand strap like i do. But don’t see the point in doing that. The only reason I got it was to see how active I was. I’ve actually started walking a lot more instead of getting the bus or a taxi. Also saved money in these transport costs. It has sleep tracking witch to my knowledge is very accurate. It shown when i’ve woken up in the night for a couple mins and help me get a better sleep. Because i’ve got to sleep easier to make sure i get enough sleep before the people at the garage next door start working. I’ve noticed with this app the time they open is the time my sleep becomes more of me waking up and back to sleep and that’s not good for ones body so i’ve started sleeping earlier.  It’s improved the way I work day to day too. Instead of spending ages at my computer i get up and walk around for a little bit there for helping me not sit around for hours on end too. Anyways that’s my small review. Hope to see you on my next blog post 🙂


14 thoughts on “FitBug Orb Unboxing

  1. I think you need to get a new camera. Most of the time your camera was too busy focusing in and out on the floor to actually see the product. It was also too blurry to see the orb. You left the product out of the camera view most of the time as well.


    • I completely agree with Jem Lovell. Your camera skills need a lot of work, and as for your description, I still have no idea what the product does. You have actually put me off buying this product. I do not think you should be thinking of a career in advertising anytime soon


    • You’re right there. I do need to get the camera. I’m going to be honest i had to use my phone because I knew i would not be home in a while so i had todo the unboxing on the floor with my Samsung S4 as a camera. When i come across the money i hope to improve my camera and set up in general.


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