This Is Where My Drive Begins


This is where my drive begins, this is where me wanting to better my life begins.

Some people just think of it as me sitting down and looking at a screen for 7+ hours a day. But for me it’s my world in a sense. It’s where i’ve connected with so many people who have helped me deal bad times and also enjoyed the good times with. Some of them have become my best friends. I love my little computer world. It’s what makes me, me. It gives me that window where i’ve always got something todo. If anyone else has ADHD you will understand. The internet is a massive portal of information and you are constantly focused. Might not be on the same thing for more than 5 minuets. But the information i learn and take in day by day is something only sitting in front of a computer with internet can fill.

Yes i could go outside or be “social” with “actual people”. But for someone like me I get bored of the same thing after awhile. So seeing the same thing every time i go out. Doesn’t really do it for me. Not saying i’m not one to do away from my computer and meet new people. But to me, talking to new people on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Forums etc is my way of connecting. I don’t actually know anyone who is into technology as much as i am in “real life” and the only people who are into tech like i am is via online. This is my portal. This is my world. It’s what feeds me.


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