RealMac Announces New Blogging Platform

If you want to support this project on Indiegogo then click here

If you don’t know, I’ve always searched for that website platform to host my website ( and I’ve used Tumblr, Squarespace, and i eventually landed on self hosted WordPress. I like to be able to play with things on the back end rather than be controlled. Yeah square space you can kinda do that. But i want to be able to host more than one website.

The website RealMac are announcing is It’s going to be a next gen blogging platform. But from what I’ve read on the Indiegogo website it will be a pay to use service. Unlike or Tumblr. From the pictures I’ve seen on the Indiegogo website. My hole response of this blogging platform is. I’m going to be honest, to me it just seems like a glorified Tumblr.  I don’t know what to make of it. If i had the cash i would become a “Founding Member”. I do believe this service is going to push the blog platforms that are out there to go to the next level to keep up.

Also as a founding member you get a lifetime account. That would be real handy to use it as a website of some sort. I love owning websites and creating content. Maybe a Greenie.TV website, who knows. Anyways go and check out the indiegogo page (link at top of post) and make sure to head back here and comment on what your thoughts are on this.

Till next time, Cya.


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