Apple To Create A Search Engine? (iSearch)

Of course they are going to make there own Search engine some point soon. Apple are about a eco-system and not letting anyone else into there eco-system unless they have to. The Apple store is still in there eco-system. The developers have to follow Apple’s rules, etc.

For me the biggest reason Apple would make a search engine is because of Siri. Siri does a lot of searches day to day for users and if Apple also owned the search engine that Siri would use it would better integrate into there eco system.  Just like how Google is with Android. That’s what Apple wants to be like with iOS/Mac OS. Apple are already on there way to becoming there own bank (Apple Pay). All Apple has todo is buy a highstreet bank and boom they have control of peoples money too. Keeping it even more into there eco system. Better tying it with Apple Pay are that also means Apple can be the biggest company to push doing payments with your phone instead of plastic (debit/credit cards). Apple making there own search engine makes a lot of sense. Since they want everything in there eco-system to be owned by them. Not anyone else. They want to hole experience of Apple products to be Apple.  Not Apple then Google & Bing. Just Apple. If people want to choose from the App Store then Apple does not mind that. But for the most part people will use the tools they are given. So in that sense the default apps. And if Apple own everything that is as default in iOS and Mac OS then it’s a great massive win for Apple.

They get into more markets. Grow bigger and bigger as a company and eventually they rule everything in there eco-system. If you can’t see apple eventually also being a carrier for there own phones etc then you need to open your eyes. Apple wants to control every single element of there eco-system and one day it will happen. It is bit by bit right now. We just don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes.  Comment down below what your opinions on the hole Apple making there own search enough and anything else I’ve talked about in the comments below.

Right, until next time. Cya.


One thought on “Apple To Create A Search Engine? (iSearch)

  1. For this to work tho I think they need to stop the updating for updaing sake. I would do it so it stable. But I do agree with you it only a matter of time tho


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