But I’m In A Way Scared Of What Point Apple Will Reach

Looking forward to this event. But i’m in a way scared of what point Apple will reach. They are worth nearly a trillion dollars. That’s more than anyone of us can even think about. At what point to Apple end up running everything. If Apple are the most valuable company at what point do they join the Government and end up running almost anything. They have enough money to make or create anything they want.

For instance if they wanted to create cars they could just buy tesla and they wound’t even notice the bank balance change. If they wanted to run the internet they could. If Apple made web hosting and domains. I know for fact a lot of people would move over there. Me being one, because it means it would sync and be so easy to use across Apple devices. People say Google or Facebook are trying to take over the internet. It not them it’s Apple. If Apple created a social network like Facebook or twitter or even Google+. There would be so many people using it. Look at iMessenger at the beginning people thought it would just be like BBM, be massive then flop like hell. But now everyone has got so used to using it it’s because that’s Apple’s main way of messaging. I know a lot of what i’m saying might sound like random bullshit.

But just think. It could actually happen. Google isn’t SkyNet in disguise. Apple is. If Apple are taking over the smartphone market. They are pushing out numbers that any company would love to have. Even when Apple are making a loss in there public announcement they are better than any standards that any profiting company could wish to make.

Apple of course have reached this point because they do truly release products witch are good and last very long. There quality and craftsmanship is nothing you can compare too. But at what point are Apple going to end. They are on track record to becoming the first ever trillion dollar company. At what point do Apple just say. Well we have this much money. You know what we will do is just buy every company that people use and is best in that market. Before we know it Apple will own everything. They will become that standard in that market place. If we are not carful Apple will become King and Queen.

How much more information do you allow Apple to have over Facebook? Apple have your debit/credit card. Your search history. Apple have more information about you than Facebook and Google put together. Apple could buy Facebook, then we would have iBook. But in honesty. Even the FCC couldn’t stop Apple. Apple have enough money to hire people to make it look like Apple is doing the best thing since sliced bread to the FCC. Apple are going to become the super power. I know they are, and i’m bold enough to say it. We are not going to have SkyNet we’re going to have iNet.


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