Decided What I’m Doing With My YouTube.

So after I put up my video of me talking about my YouTube channel etc (Channel Update And More). I’ve decided i’m going to keep posting videos to just one channel. The GreenieTV channel, I love making videos about Technology hence why I’ve made TGS (The Greenie Show). It gives me a chance to talk about things that I have opinions on. If you have’t already noticed (be surprised if you have’t) my English writing skills are not exactly the best. Of course it’s got better over time. But I’ve always struggled with my writing skills. I’m more vocal hence why I love making videos.

I of course do have a YouTube channel hooked up to my Google+ page and i’m thinking of using that channel for things that honestly don’t fit on my GreenieTV channel. You know like vlog type videos and that kinda content. Anything to do with technology or something i’m passionate about, i’ll post over on GreenieTV. Of course if i think the video is good enough to post to GreenieTV i will do that. If not it will get posted to my channel that is connected to my Google+ personal profile.

I do think it is the best step for me and my YouTube way of life. Hopefully I can once again start doing videos on a schedule type basis. All i really need to do to get that done is record videos when i have the time and then scheduled upload them. So they are published on the days i want videos to be released on. If any of you have any more tips or feedback i’d be happy to read it in the comments section below. Also just a small note. Thank you to everyone who has support me. Hope to see you in the next blog post.


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