Google Opens It’s First Retail Store

So Google have released there own store in London. I’ve embedded a video from CNBC Facebook page talking all about it. To me personally it’s a surprise that Google have opened a retail store. The reason it’s a surprise is because normally you start off with a retail store and go from there. But it seems to be the opposite now. You create a website and a online presence then you open a retail store if everything is working out.

I do think this a good move on Google’s behalf. For example people who are just walking around London looking at all the tech shops not knowing what they actually want, but they have some sort of idea of what they want. They can pop into this store and see what Google have to offer. Also it will be good as well for the ‘real life experience’ instead of just seeing Google products online. You will be able to walk into the store and try them out and see which device is for you. So what’s your thoughts on Google opening a retail store . Do you think it’s a good more or a bad move. Please do share your opinions in the comment section below.