TGS: Apple ‘Spring Forward’ Event Recap

Did you watch the Apple ‘Spring Forward’ Event. If not i’ve done a video recap of some of the things that where announced at the event.  I of course watched the event. I also did a Tech Ramblers on the event as it was live too. My thoughts on the event has a hole. It was a good event. It wasn’t a event that kept me awake. I wanted to fall asleep thought it a couple of times. Tim Cook just hasn’t got that ambience like Steve Jobs had, just a person opinion.

To get onto the event it’s self. Apple shared more information about there iPhone sales, ResearchKit, Apple Watch and also released the new Macbook. It’s a darn nice design and i love how it’s only got two ports. USB Type-C and Headphones jack. USB Type-C is a all in one connecter for Power, HDMI, Normal USB, VGA and more.  The only problem is you’re going to be having loads of adapters plugged into a USB Type-C hub rather than the laptop it’s self. Because well having one port for everything.. Humm what happens when i need to access USB files but the charger is plugged in.  Watch the video for more on my opinions.



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