Option + Shift + K =

I honestly do think Apple are going down hill. It’s the same thing over and over again. Oh look a Macbook. It’s just a really thin Macbook Air with one port. Oh sorry two ports, USB-C and Headphone port. Yeah I know Apple have released there smart watch. But Apple to me is loosing there flair that they once had. To me Apple was about products about releasing the best. Waiting 1/2 even 3 years before releasing something. Even if the rest of the market are releasing them. Because Apple wanted to do it the best and wanted to do it right. But to me Apple are just releasing products for the sake of it. Before we know it Apple will be making microwaves. It just seems to me that they have got to that point of where they are at of “Hmm, any ideas anyone” and they just release products to make sure they have a product in that market.

I’m a massive Apple fan, but of the Steve Jobs Apple not this Tim Cook Apple. Yeah Apple are worth more money than a lot of us could even imagine. But that doesn’t mean you’re the greatest. Making products that people truly love is what makes you the greatest. See the problem is Apple have created this atmosphere that every time Apple release something all the ‘fan boys’ drool. But to me Apple are just going with that. They aren’t making anything exciting anymore they are not making anything that makes me go. “Here is my cash, just take it”. To me Apple have got to that point where they are at “I’ve got it because it’s Apple” they are a brand now not a product. They are a designer must have product.

This is just how I see Apple and to me Apple has been a massive part of my life. Especially my technology life. Without Apple I most likely would not be here right now typing this. It’s because of Mac’s that I’ve had the opportunity to do things. When I got my Mac most of the apps/programs that aloud you to do video editing where really expensive on windows but you could get a basic but good program on the Mac for cheap. All I did was follow the Apple path instead of the Linux or Google or Microsoft path. But to me Apple plays a massive part in my technology life. It’s just sad to see what Apple once was is not longer there in my eyes. I honestly think Windows will be near Apple in the next 5 years. The atmosphere can only last so long before people see the ‘bullshit’ for what it is. Long live Apple. Because they won’t be living long… Just opinions from a Apple Fanboy.. Who cares about something so much. Apple isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully that changes. But time will only tell.


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