Apple Watch Edition… Bad Mistake Apple.

*Before You Read, This is my Opinion. It’s mostly wrong. Make what you want of it.. Just a Little rant from me*

The hole 3 Apple watch editions are going to back fire on Apple so f**king hard. Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

You can see it all. All the ‘So called Apple Fan Boys’. “You’re only a true Apple Fan Boy if you have the Apple Watch Edition”. Also the hole new line of tech articles to do with the Apple Watch Edition and Rich is really funny. I thought Apple was about equality. There has never been how the Rich shop for a Mac Pro not a Mac Mini. So what makes this Apple Watch. Oh yeah it’s covered in gold. Apple have become all about the money now. Nice to see a company i once loved (still do but the old Apple) come to what it is today. Remember Apple without us (the customers) there would be no You today. Because remember the higher you climb the harder the fall is without people to support you. I have no doubt that Apple will sell record numbers of this watch (that’s because they have never sold one before) and i do believe they will become the first ever trillion dollar company. But what i do believe is Apple will one day be shut off to what it once was. Making products that moved the tech world forward. Not sold them something like we already have. WHERE IS THE INNOVATION!!!


Note: Just to make this clear. I don’t hate Apple. I’m expressing my opinions because i’m so passionate about what Apple once represented.


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