Yes you get into trouble a lot more in school. You do ‘non normal’ things. But what they keep forgetting to mention is. You’re labeled with a certain thing that keeps people away. You don’t have many friends and certainly don’t get many job applications accepted. Yeah people say “Use it to your advantage” but how. The only way to keep someone with ADHD active is to let them do what interests them. Giving them the opportunities to do what they want and love. I myself have ADHD (incase you didn’t know). And yes I am a pain to live with. And that’s not me being sarcastic. It’s true. I’m horrible to live with. I have anger bursts at random. I’m very sarcastic and I can be honest I am a control freak in a sense. I’m not happy unless I’m doing what I want. I find everything else boring. (if you know anyone with ADHD. You might of heard the famous words “but it’s boring” to nearly everything). I do a lot of things without thinking. Non ADHD people would normally think of the consequences first and then do. Me though I do and then think of the consequences.

To everyone who thinks ADHD is not real. Some times that is true. Some kids are just naturally hyper. But if you think it’s not real please explain why. ADHD is just a label to help people understand and put a load of symptoms in a box and say ADHD does this. ADHD is basically a description of how some peoples brains work.

Of course I’ve because better of the years that is called growing up. But I still have my hyper times and my anger times. But I’ve grown up. Not learned to control them. I’ve grown up. I’m not a remote you don’t learn how to control your brain. You just grow up and mature. To anyone with ADHD (or even ADD) don’t let the fact you have it put you down. It’s what makes you different. And remember being unique is what makes you the better than anyone else. No one ever talks about the white sheep do they.


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