Apple Music…

So Apple music has been out for just over a week now and I’ve been using it for a week. Was late to the game of getting it. What can i say it’s really just another music streaming server that you have to learn how to use. There are still a lot of problems. Especially when i’m a Spotify user and i’m so used to using Spotify. There are some things that are sending me a tiny bit crazy. For instance not being able to add the current playing song to a playlist. To get it in a playlist you have to 1. add it to ‘My Music’ 2. Then go to there and add it to a playlist. Shouldn’t it be a straight forward process. This is Apple after all?

The main reason Apple Music will become big and possible (kinda?) change the music streaming industry is the fact that it’s integrated into the hole Apple ecosystem. Got a mac and the latest iTunes then you have access to it. It’s also available in iTunes for windows and very soon to my surprise will be available on Android. But back to my point, there are millions of people on iOS and for Apple that’s enough for people to sign up for Apple Music. The non tech savy people who just want to listen to as much music for a little cost as possible will love this deal. Most people i know about Spotify but only free accounts because it just isn’t integrated into there device as much as Apple music will be nor do they trust another company with there account details.

The big plus Apple have is the fact they already have your debit/credit card on file and Apple Pay or touch of a on screen button and you’r paying £9.99 for unlimited amount of music. Also forgot to mention. Another reason Apple Music will be popular.. It’s got a Apple logo on it. Apple have become the rolex of technology. But what’s your opinions on Apple music? Let me know down in the comments below. Cya in the next post/video


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