Motivation, I lost it.

Maybe some of you have noticed maybe some of you just don’t give a rats a**. Over the last couple of months i lost my path. I’ve moved into my own place and I’ve started my own business. And i don’t know what happened but i stopped doing my online stuff. I’ve been streaming some Call Of Duty 4 footage but that’s because I’ve been playing the game so thought might as well stream it. I’ve stopped doing my YouTube video, stopped doing blog posts and stopped working on my websites.

But it’s time to get it all back. I think i just hit a low part of my life and everything just stopped. But i’m slowly picking the pieces back up and putting them all back together. I hope over the next couple of weeks i can start getting back into everything like i used to do. Me and Jake finally did a tech ramblers yesterday and feel great for doing it. And i missed doing it it. I’ve got the tech bug back. And it feel great. So here is to me getting back up and running. Hope to see you all around 🙂


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