Technology has not made us selfish

2015-10-12 10.51.40

Let me just say this. This is bullshit.

Technology has not made us selfish. If anything technology has made the human race who we actually are. We are selfish. We are programmed to survive and programmed to have the best life and we will do what we have to do to achieve that. Want to tackle the main reason why we look at our phones and not talk to people. Because people will know. You can’t be hurt just looking at a phone. You can connect to people who actually understand you.

You see the world WE live in is a world that we have created. The world we have created is that we hide our problems and our thoughts. We just sit there while the people around us look at our phones. What happened to communication. Nothing happen it just moved to a phone. It just moved to the point where people don’t say anything anymore.

Let me ask you. When was the last time you where talking to someone and they just started messing around on there phone. Did you say that’s rude? Nope of course you didn’t. See technology hasn’t over taken us. What’s happened is technology has made us loose our manners. If you’re having a conversation with someone or having dinner. How come it’s okay to get your phone out but it’s not okay to just walk off and go spend the night some where else? How come when you’re talking to someone and there phone rings why is it not rude to pick the phone up and talk to that person. Oh wait it is rude but people still do it. Technology hasn’t over taken us. Technology has made us forget our morels and right and also manners.


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