Country “A” is “Islamic” and country “B” is “western”.

No it should not, and here is my opinion. Oh by the way this is all my opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s right. Here is why I think now.

Let’s pretend country “A” is “Islamic” and country “B” is “western”.

If you say you live in house “a” and want to go to house “b”. Each house has it’s own rules. The house you live may be country “A” and you can do what you want there because it’s your house. But if you go to your friends house. House “b” you can’t do what you want there because it’s not your house. Also to let this be even more confusing. House “a” isn’t actually your house. What actually happens is you have a house within house “a” and then they are your rules and of course because you live within house “a” you have to follow them rules. Let me just ask you this. I’d rather women walked around like in the second picture than the top one. I don’t see the point in women showing all that skin off. Hay if a women is single then why not. But if she has a boyfriend etc I don’t believe in that. Nore do I believe the extent that the women are covered up in the bottom picture. What I think doesn’t really matter but here is what I’d do. Just cover up. You don’t have to have your boobs and arse always on show for the world. I believe in the 1940’s dress code. Covered up but not covered up to the point where no one can tell who you are.





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