Stop Saying You’re Too Busy

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I’ve been listening/reading to Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and in the book there is a small paragraph that says about you do have enough time. Weather you’re a CEO of a massive company or a worker we all have the same amount of time. The real difference is how we use it. Below just shows you how a normal work week can be. Of course, some people will have less time or some will have more depending on what they are doing.

– 24 hours/day =168 hrs/wk
– 50 hrs/wk at work +commuting time & 51 hrs/wk sleeping =101 hrs/wk
– 15 hrs/wk eating =116 hr/wk
– 24 hrs relaxing, reading, kids, exercise =140 total
– 4 hrs/wk community/church =144 hrs/wk

168 hrs. minus 144 hrs. equals 24 hours left in the week….

The first time i read this in the book i wrote down my work week. What i do with my time etc. And doing that showed me how much time i’m actually wasting doing nothing when i could be productive. I,e around the house or staying later in work to get that extra thing done. Trust me do you’re own work week like above and you will see where your time is going.


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