Where Have I Been?

As you can see I’ve made a video on where I have been and what’s been going on and where I am at. Since making my last blog post I’ve closed my business down due to my mental health and I’m wanting to focus on my mental health. The shop wasn’t that big of a success that I closed a good thing down. It was just about covering its self. I’m moving more towards my server stuff again. I’ve got my website back up and running as my mac mini is back up. I’m going to be moving loads of things around. As you can see from the thumbnail of the video I’ve moved house (not far away from where I was before). The reason I’ve moved is for one person it’s easier to maintain and also cheaper in a hole. I’m going to be doing a video on me making my server cabinet. I will be doing it in part videos and there will be modifications to make like making it so it just doesn’t become a massive hot air box as i want the equipment to be cool. Make sure to follow my YouTube and this website as i will be posting about it as time goes on. Anyways this is me signing off for now. Cya at the next blog post.


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