Weekender Post

So i’m wanting to get back into writing blog posts. I’m wanting to move over to the stock market all the way to whatYouTube videos i’m watching.  Currently while writing this i’m listening/watching Neebs Gaming’s latest Ark video. (Watch Here). Kepping my company while writing this blog post. So apart from Neebs Gaming i’ve found a YouTube of the name JPModified he makes video of clients custom computer builds he does. They are good insperation and i’d love to be able todo things very simulaor to what he does. One day hopefully.

On the stop market side i’m using a demo Plus 500 account and watch Bloomberg Live as my source of stock news. I’m wanting to one day eventually invest real money into the stock market but for now i’m not fully confident so i’m using a demo account. You get £20,000 as a starter to invest in who ever you want. I’m gained thousands but i’ve lost way more. The way i look at it i’m loosing fake money and not my real money. Make the mistakes now. I’m going to be doing blog posts on what i’m investing in and i will be posting my failours. I’ve been using the demo account for around 6 months on and off at the moment so still new to all this. So will just have to see how it goes.

I’m also going to be posting posts about technology like i used to and might even start getting back into the YouTube video making like i used to. Will have to see how it goes with all that.

Thats all for this video. So until then next time!


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