Obinx: Changing The Way You Stream.

What is OBINX?

Obinx allows you to stream to Twitch via our server using OBS. Rather than having to use OBS to Twitch. This enables you to use your present laptop/desktop computer rather than having to upgrade thus saving you lots of time and money. The team at Obinx consists of gamers who love to stream. We are dedicated to making streaming easier and more enjoyable.

Right, you may not have heard of Obinx. What Obinx is as it is explained above is a way of being able to stream to twitch (soon YouTube as well) with your current hardware. I’ve done some tests with it and I must say it’s amazing and actually does what it says on the tin. I wasn’t able to stream Battlefield 1 using OBS at all but since using Obinx I’m able to do so without any system upgrades needed at all. I’ll post a video here so you can see Obinx in action.

When I was streaming I didn’t notice any problems with the stream at all. I’m just so happy I’m able to stream now where as before I couldn’t. If you want to read more about Obinx visit there website over at If you have any questions or want to know more they have a support website/forum over at

Right that’s me out for this blog post. Hope to see you in the next one.


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