Self Belief Rant

So i was watching this video on facebook and well i ended up doing a facebook post and i had a bit of a rant. Here is the video and my rant below it

Don’t get my wrong what the man says is right. He is right in the school system. But what good do you get teaching everyone different and trying to change the way it’s changed when all you need todo is teach people self respect and confidence. The fact that people think they are stupid is because their belief system is set that way. How do you expect people to be prepared when people arnt even prepared for them self. Why should a person stand when it’s easyier to sit down even when standing up will result in better results. It’s because of self belief and respect. and attitude towards what they are doing. It’s not the system thats broke is the human system that is broken. How do you expect something that is man made to change when change won’t be allowed todo it its self. Self belief is what makes change. The damn ones who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do. Not a school system or how we are. Changing the way people see them selfs is the main root of all problems. You can get a person todo somthing they hate for 9-18 hours a day because of a thing called money. How do you expect to get somewhere when every day it’s taken away from you. The school system will never change it will stay as it is. The ones who excell at education are the lawers, doctors and so on. The ones who don’t are the ones who change this f**k hole we call the system. The ones who don’t fit in are the ones who find the ways to make a change. They don’t fit in for a reason. They are made to be diffrent for a reason. Some people are able to handle that so much better than others. We woudn’t have half of the companys we have now if the school system bended to there needs. Steve Jobs look at him. Walt Disney and so on. The ones who don’t fit in to the nor and the ones who are here to push the system forward. Why would you want everyone to fit in. How are you meant to find the special ones there. How do you see the new system setters the ones who make a stand and do what right for the system and piush it and everything around us is man made. So that means it can be changed but how can it be changed if know one knows how to because now one is pushed out of a system. retalition is somtimes the best way to get inivation. If you don’t belive in your self then you will never get anywhere.


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