My Servers Update

So as some of you may know. I’ve run my websites from my Mac Mini from home for I’d say for the last 6+ months. I’ve decided to retire it and move back to using for hosting my websites. Due to the safety net that it provides. Less chance of data loss. I’ve learned a lot doing it. Like security and the general means that comes with hosting websites on your own. I’ve been using MAMP Pro so I’ve not learned about apache host files etc. But know doubt I will be as soon I’m going to be getting my old data centre server that I have up and running and use it as a play around server and buy a domain for that server and use it for that.

The NAS that I have too is going to be retired too. I’m moving away from PLEX and just going to use Amazon Prime video and Netflix since I’ve got them anyways. I might as well just use them.

If you have any suggests or recommendations on what i should use on my main server please comment below.


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