Start Trading Forex

So you’re wanting to get into trading forex?

Signing up and getting started is as easy and saving up and opening an account with USGFX (link below) and depositing what you want to start trading with (recommended deposit size is $100). There are other brokers out there but UGFX is my broker of choice. Also if you have any questions you can join the discord and ask me personally.

Discord: (My Discord Username: Green#5920)

Right now to the nitty-gritty side of forex trading. Forex is not as simple as buying low and selling high. Simply because no one really knows where the low and high’s are. But this is where chart analysis comes into play. I’ve been known to wait 8 hours to do a forex trade to then go and make $100+ in said trade due to it hitting the levels I like and following my analysis. The best way to understand how to trade is to trade via a demo. It’s pretty much real apart from you can’t withdraw anything from it. But it saves learning and making all the mistakes with real money. You can sign up for a demo via USGFX too. so once you’re ready to go live you can do. You can also head over to my website for information on how to start trading.


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