Trading Advice #1

Q: Just wondered where you learnt FX, got an understanding, but just trying to get a strategy down.

A: It’s mixed some of it is my own experience and some are from a traders discord community I’ve set up. The best way I’ve learned to build a strategy is created a demo account and treat it as a real account in a manner but with unlimited money. Sounds strange I know. But it gave me the foundations to try and find what works for me. What works for me might not work for you. So you could possibly do the same. Also, I’ve learned you can’t have one fixed strategy you have to move with the market. Follow the flow of the market. Also doing research on what makes things move helps too. For instance, I trade GBP/USD. Now sometimes the dollar might be nice and weak but with euro strength that would be a good time to scalp. If the euro was also weak that would be good to do a long strategy.

Q: Tried a mixture, everyone says it’s the psychology, but that can only be worked on once a system or method is developed.

A: Psychology. The only Psychology is you make sure your ‘mistakes’ don’t make you quit trading. They will either make you find faults and make excuses or make you to decided to analyse what you did wrong and how you can maybe not screw up as much in the future. System and Method. I don’t believe in them fully. You have to move with the markets and be able to adapt to instant change like I said you have to learn to follow the flow. The way I look at charts is it’s like being in space. There is no gravity to hold it down so it just floats about like it wants too. And we use support and resistance lines as a place for it to bounce from and too. Also, a good bit of advice follow the smart money. Look at H4 and look for tell sighs of maybe this is an uptrend or a downtrend. Follow the smart money and it’s like picking apples from a very low tree

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