Trumps Weaker Dollar..

As long as Trump is in power there will always be a + side to the USD being weak. (Remember Trump is a businessman)
Analysis: Trump wants to make America ‘great again. How does one simply do this? By pulling as much overseas money back into there economy by doing tax cuts and helping the rich stay rich or become richer. Now, why would a weaker dollar help this?
Let me explain. Apple has a lot of there “overseas” profits in Ireland. Witch is Euro and Euro/USD hit a 3 year high couple weeks back. So if apple brings all there Euro profit back to the USA they will get more for there money as the exchange rate is up. This also goes into apple’s quarter as earning as it’s proffit.. See how it all interwinds…
Also, a lot of people have profit in Swiss bank accounts with is USD/CHF that is also staying up at a high that’s not been seen for 6 years.
Also if you go and look who is the FED Chair you will see we are back to how the Whitehouse used to look. White mail president and white mail fed chair.
Just watch over time you will see America go back to how it used. Tiny bit by bit but when we look back at the bigger picture we will all say ohhhhhhhhhh.
Also,I can see GBP/USD hitting around 1.78-2 and EURO/USD hitting around 1.68-72 before trumps term ends.

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