Here is why I’ve fallen in love with trading

Here is why I’ve fallen in love with trading and why it gives me that buzz.
It’s not about the money (of course that helps). But it’s a chase it’s a constant evaluation you are never there. There is always something else to learn or to see it’s a constant path that you keep chasing and keep just growing as a trader and I believe as a person too.
Trading has taught me many key elements in my life that where simple missing. For instance.
– Patience
– You’re not always right
– You have to believe in your self and what you do each and every time
– A failure is an option and that option is that you learn from it and grow and build a better platform to evade the same failure
and much more.
It gives me something to obsess over to keep my mind 100% occupied. It feeds my inner ADHD and keeps me focused and keeps that drive alive as you can always do better and also grow from it. Not better as in more money but fewer failures and more understanding of the whole scope of things.
Trading isn’t a thing you do. It’s a way of life. Trading in my eyes is a lifestyle.

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