Hello and welcome to my about me page. Want to know things about me. Then you’re at the correct page.

I was born in 1994 (as off writing this I’m 20) and I’ve always been interested in technology. I guess it’s because I’ve was born into technology. I’ve always been curious on how things work. I was that kid who would take things apart just to see how it works and if I could put it back together again.

It all started around when I was 8. My brother first introduced me into computers and the parts and how everything connected together got me interested and it just when from there really. As you may have seen on this blog I do computer repair’s and I enjoy doing them. Also over time you will no doubt see me doing some technology projects as well as other projects. I’m the kind of person who would rather spend there time building it my self rather than going out and buying it or paying someone else to do it for me. But of course if me doing it isn’t achieving what I want. I will go get someone else to get it done for me.

When I was 13 I run my own web hosting website and also web design. It was just basic stuff, the people who I made websites for have either moved on or don’t need the website any more. I also had a little site for any software I had made and also any PHP & MySQL scripts I’d made too. I also had a online radio too.

(adding more info as time goes on)

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