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Forex Trading… 1st Month

So I’ve been trading forex for around 1 month now and here is my list of things I’ve come to learn I was doing wrong.

1. Trading to high of a volume.
2. Being too hesitant when trading.
3. Looking at too small of a time frame.
4. Don’t chase the market/profit/pips.
5. Don’t put all volumes in one trade.
6. Not using Stop Loss. (Stop loss rules ADR 10-15% Scalping. 25-30% Day)
7. Entering trades when not at best price.
8. Don’t follow advice from TradingView chat unless there is a chart.
9. Too close of a SL.
10. Not doing chart analysis.
11. Wrong time frames. (Correct = H1 for chart analysis and M15 for entry)
12. Use the quick buy/sell little as possible.
13. Expecting too much of the market.
14. If it doesn’t meet my rules don’t take it

Trading Forex is actually a difficult process. It’s not as easy as just buying high & selling low or other way around. Anyone can hit a buy/sell button but not everyone is willing to put in the time to look at the charts and do analysis of the charts.  it’s 99% looking at charts and 1% making a trade.




Website Design Changes

As you may of seen over the last couple of days. Some things have been changing around these parts of the intenret. That’s due to me wanting a new look for the website.  THe design may change over the next couple of days. I’m using wordpress so if you have any ideas of suggestions for a look for the website please comment below 🙂

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I must say what a year 2016 has been for me. I’ve gone from having nothing to having it all to then losing it. To only just getting over it all and picking myself back up. So much has happened to me it’s unreal. Not going to lie it’s not been my best year by far. But I’m for sure it can only get better from here.

The lessons I’ve learned have been big lessons. From starting my own business to losing it all and having to start from scratch once again. But that’s part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. I’m sure I’ll no doubt fail more times from now. But it only takes that one to make it to success. I just hope I can keep my attitude the way it seems to be lately. Positive.

I’ve been reading through my Facebook Memories of this time last year (When I had the shop) and honestly I do miss it. But failure isn’t going to stop me climbing back up and reaching out for it again.

From what I’ve learned there is such a thing as moving too fast in the business world and that’s what I did and it well bit me in the arse and boy have I learned from it. Climbing the ladder too fast can mean you get there faster but you will no doubt slip up more often than taking your time. That’s what I’ve found. I’ve learned when to give it your all and when to just take your time.

I might never be rich. But i know i won’t quit/give up or stop till I’m successful in my own right.


Obinx: Changing The Way You Stream.

What is OBINX?

Obinx allows you to stream to Twitch via our server using OBS. Rather than having to use OBS to Twitch. This enables you to use your present laptop/desktop computer rather than having to upgrade thus saving you lots of time and money. The team at Obinx consists of gamers who love to stream. We are dedicated to making streaming easier and more enjoyable.

Right, you may not have heard of Obinx. What Obinx is as it is explained above is a way of being able to stream to twitch (soon YouTube as well) with your current hardware. I’ve done some tests with it and I must say it’s amazing and actually does what it says on the tin. I wasn’t able to stream Battlefield 1 using OBS at all but since using Obinx I’m able to do so without any system upgrades needed at all. I’ll post a video here so you can see Obinx in action.

When I was streaming I didn’t notice any problems with the stream at all. I’m just so happy I’m able to stream now where as before I couldn’t. If you want to read more about Obinx visit there website over at If you have any questions or want to know more they have a support website/forum over at

Right that’s me out for this blog post. Hope to see you in the next one.


Weekender Post

So i’m wanting to get back into writing blog posts. I’m wanting to move over to the stock market all the way to whatYouTube videos i’m watching.  Currently while writing this i’m listening/watching Neebs Gaming’s latest Ark video. (Watch Here). Kepping my company while writing this blog post. So apart from Neebs Gaming i’ve found a YouTube of the name JPModified he makes video of clients custom computer builds he does. They are good insperation and i’d love to be able todo things very simulaor to what he does. One day hopefully.

On the stop market side i’m using a demo Plus 500 account and watch Bloomberg Live as my source of stock news. I’m wanting to one day eventually invest real money into the stock market but for now i’m not fully confident so i’m using a demo account. You get £20,000 as a starter to invest in who ever you want. I’m gained thousands but i’ve lost way more. The way i look at it i’m loosing fake money and not my real money. Make the mistakes now. I’m going to be doing blog posts on what i’m investing in and i will be posting my failours. I’ve been using the demo account for around 6 months on and off at the moment so still new to all this. So will just have to see how it goes.

I’m also going to be posting posts about technology like i used to and might even start getting back into the YouTube video making like i used to. Will have to see how it goes with all that.

Thats all for this video. So until then next time!

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Google Opens It’s First Retail Store

So Google have released there own store in London. I’ve embedded a video from CNBC Facebook page talking all about it. To me personally it’s a surprise that Google have opened a retail store. The reason it’s a surprise is because normally you start off with a retail store and go from there. But it seems to be the opposite now. You create a website and a online presence then you open a retail store if everything is working out.

I do think this a good move on Google’s behalf. For example people who are just walking around London looking at all the tech shops not knowing what they actually want, but they have some sort of idea of what they want. They can pop into this store and see what Google have to offer. Also it will be good as well for the ‘real life experience’ instead of just seeing Google products online. You will be able to walk into the store and try them out and see which device is for you. So what’s your thoughts on Google opening a retail store . Do you think it’s a good more or a bad move. Please do share your opinions in the comment section below.