Trumps Weaker Dollar..

As long as Trump is in power there will always be a + side to the USD being weak. (Remember Trump is a businessman)
Analysis: Trump wants to make America ‘great again. How does one simply do this? By pulling as much overseas money back into there economy by doing tax cuts and helping the rich stay rich or become richer. Now, why would a weaker dollar help this?
Let me explain. Apple has a lot of there “overseas” profits in Ireland. Witch is Euro and Euro/USD hit a 3 year high couple weeks back. So if apple brings all there Euro profit back to the USA they will get more for there money as the exchange rate is up. This also goes into apple’s quarter as earning as it’s proffit.. See how it all interwinds…
Also, a lot of people have profit in Swiss bank accounts with is USD/CHF that is also staying up at a high that’s not been seen for 6 years.
Also if you go and look who is the FED Chair you will see we are back to how the Whitehouse used to look. White mail president and white mail fed chair.
Just watch over time you will see America go back to how it used. Tiny bit by bit but when we look back at the bigger picture we will all say ohhhhhhhhhh.
Also,I can see GBP/USD hitting around 1.78-2 and EURO/USD hitting around 1.68-72 before trumps term ends.

Start Trading Forex

So you’re wanting to get into trading forex?

Signing up and getting started is as easy and saving up and opening an account with USGFX (link below) and depositing what you want to start trading with (recommended deposit size is $100). There are other brokers out there but UGFX is my broker of choice. Also if you have any questions you can join the discord and ask me personally.

Discord: (My Discord Username: Green#5920)

Right now to the nitty-gritty side of forex trading. Forex is not as simple as buying low and selling high. Simply because no one really knows where the low and high’s are. But this is where chart analysis comes into play. I’ve been known to wait 8 hours to do a forex trade to then go and make $100+ in said trade due to it hitting the levels I like and following my analysis. The best way to understand how to trade is to trade via a demo. It’s pretty much real apart from you can’t withdraw anything from it. But it saves learning and making all the mistakes with real money. You can sign up for a demo via USGFX too. so once you’re ready to go live you can do. You can also head over to my website for information on how to start trading.

My Second Month Trading.

So here we are into my 2nd month. What a journey it’s been and the journey is still going. Because that is what it is. It’s a journey.

Let me just get a couple things out there. What I’ve come to realise is that Forex trading will strip you of everything you are worth and will strip you of what you think you know. I come to learn that as soon as you understand something there is always something else to then throw you back and make you realise you only know a small percent of what is going on.

My chart analysis is growing day by day. I’m surviving and I’ve been told so many times. Learning to trade at the beginning is learning how to survive and over time profit will happen. Forex is not an overnight thing. It takes all your spare time to learn it. The more time you throw at it and learn the more knowledgeable you become.

I’ve also started to stream my forex trading. Currently, I’m using a demo. But I’m thinking of well scrapping the demo and trading my real live. It gives the stream more value. (You can find my stream on


Trade Excursion Is Key

This is just a short blog posts. It’s something I’ve come to learn the Hard way. Getting into trades and only getting a small pip amount or realising I didn’t leave enough time for me todo chart analysis to enter the trade in the correct direction. Doing a buy when it simply goes into a sell and the other way around.

Use the Buy and Sell place the order is a key to getting into a trade direction at an optimal price. I’ve come to learn that where I do my position is normally the area where the trade goes sideways before showing me the direction I wanted. I’ve come to learn it’s optimal to get in above that area. so if it goes wrong you at least have some time to reevaluate your trade and decide whether to close or let it run.

If you have any comments please post below.

BluFX Trade Of The Day 02-10-2017

As you can see below. I achieved the trade of the day with the BluFX broker on the GBP/JPY pair. Since I’m a new trader for me this is huge news. It’s a big achievement as it’s shown me that I am able to trade and if I learn from my mistakes and keep my rules in place that I’m able to make successful trades. Let’s just hope I can practice what I preach!

Forex Trading… 1st Month

So I’ve been trading forex for around 1 month now and here is my list of things I’ve come to learn I was doing wrong.

1. Trading to high of a volume.
2. Being too hesitant when trading.
3. Looking at too small of a time frame.
4. Don’t chase the market/profit/pips.
5. Don’t put all volumes in one trade.
6. Not using Stop Loss. (Stop loss rules ADR 10-15% Scalping. 25-30% Day)
7. Entering trades when not at best price.
8. Don’t follow advice from TradingView chat unless there is a chart.
9. Too close of a SL.
10. Not doing chart analysis.
11. Wrong time frames. (Correct = H1 for chart analysis and M15 for entry)
12. Use the quick buy/sell little as possible.
13. Expecting too much of the market.
14. If it doesn’t meet my rules don’t take it

Trading Forex is actually a difficult process. It’s not as easy as just buying high & selling low or other way around. Anyone can hit a buy/sell button but not everyone is willing to put in the time to look at the charts and do analysis of the charts.  it’s 99% looking at charts and 1% making a trade.



Website Design Changes

As you may of seen over the last couple of days. Some things have been changing around these parts of the intenret. That’s due to me wanting a new look for the website.  THe design may change over the next couple of days. I’m using wordpress so if you have any ideas of suggestions for a look for the website please comment below 🙂