This is the part of my website where I show you the websites I run/own and also anything else I’m involved in.


Obinx is a project that I’m a founder of. It was created in late 2016 and has the goal of helping people stream to sites like Twitch etc. If you’d like to know more about Obinx visit the website at Obinx.com


MojoPanel is a project I’ve had for some time. I got it around 2013/2014 (if time serves me correctly). It’s a PHP script that allows once installed for you to give website hosting to people. The PHP script need’s a lot of work doing to it. Like it needs updated to the latest PHP and also needs some features added into it. One day when I’m able to go on the correct courses I’d like to learn PHP so I can upgrade it all myself. But if that doesn’t happen I’d like to join up with some people and get this project off the ground and running again. If you’d like to know more about MojoPanel visit the website at MojoPanel.com


This is more of a personal project started in Early 2017. This is just a project where I talk to a microphone and upload it to YouTube & Soundcloud about events in my life and how I’m doing ‘the grind’ to a successful life. It’s kind of like a life following project. If you’d like to know more about LG XYZ then visit the website at liamgreen.xyz