Here is why I’ve fallen in love with trading

Here is why I’ve fallen in love with trading and why it gives me that buzz.
It’s not about the money (of course that helps). But it’s a chase it’s a constant evaluation you are never there. There is always something else to learn or to see it’s a constant path that you keep chasing and keep just growing as a trader and I believe as a person too.
Trading has taught me many key elements in my life that where simple missing. For instance.
– Patience
– You’re not always right
– You have to believe in your self and what you do each and every time
– A failure is an option and that option is that you learn from it and grow and build a better platform to evade the same failure
and much more.
It gives me something to obsess over to keep my mind 100% occupied. It feeds my inner ADHD and keeps me focused and keeps that drive alive as you can always do better and also grow from it. Not better as in more money but fewer failures and more understanding of the whole scope of things.
Trading isn’t a thing you do. It’s a way of life. Trading in my eyes is a lifestyle.

BTC From A Investment Point.

My thoughts on BTC are. Well, it’s complicated. Places are banning the mining of it which is brilliant in a sense means less will be mined and people will start buying it instead of trying to mine it witch in turns puts volume into the market.
The problem is BTC is too high for people to buy into it. Everyone is looking for that lowest price as they want to catch the bottom. I honestly do suggest a bottom on BTC is very soon. Bitcoin isn’t recovering from anything. What happened was what happens to everything new. Look at the .com bubble. It blows right away from the “mean/normal” trading price and rockets and then slowly drops till a bottom is found. Normally a bottom is there when there is more buying volume than there can be selling. Hence the term support.
The BTC mean price for me is between 876.9 to 4892.9. I could see us playing down towards that area for the rest of the month and could see the beginning of mid-April when we start to see the said “recovery”. Remember people have to buy BTC for it to go up. And the main people buy it to either hide money from the tax man or to buy things or to even send to start trading into other coins.
From an investor trading perspective, I’d like to see BTC in that Mean price area and could see it back up around 19/18k USD by the end of the year for a breakout past the 20k USD mark at the near end or beginning of next year.
All that is need is one good bit of news and it will spark a buying spree for BTC. People are too scared to buy it at its current state.
As you can see from this chart. When something breaks out of the “mean” price as fast as this does an unsteady downtrend is expected back into the mean price or just above it using the top of the mean price as support.

Week Ahead – 11/03/2018


GBP/USD – As you can see the from daily chart above. We are in a downtrend movement on GBP/USD. We’ve found good support in the area of1.372933 to 1.376455 witches carried us up to the inerdowntrend line of a high for the week of 1.392999. Over the course of Thursday evening and Friday, we failed to break past these highs and saw an interday from to the low of 1.37813 and picked up support there to touch to the inerdowntrend line once again.  On Tuesday we have the Annual Budget Release and we have more news for GBP & USD over the course of the week. By the looks of it, we are in a downtrend towards the support of 1.36169.

If you take a look at the daily GBP/USD chart you may see overall we are in an uptrend. But you might notice we have to touch the ‘mean’ price before we see a continuation in this uptrend…

EUR/USD – Well as we can see from the chart below EUR/USD is once again in range territory. And just like GBP/USD we seem to hit the ‘mean’ price before a continuation to the tops. The levels that we have seen on EUR/USD on the 1st March. Have acted as good support for EUR/USD and imply a range trade over towards the mean price and then a break to the lower side to create a ‘buyers pool’ for another attempt at the highs.


USD/JPY – This is interesting. It’s finally broken out of the downtrend but hit resistance on of the main uptrend lines that you can see on the chart. I do suspect USD/JPY to push towards the 108 handle and even for 109 depending on how the USD data this week is presented. I do only see this being a retrace and not a “dollar strong story”.  A key area that I’m keeping an eye on is the 107.866933 area. (red line on the chart below) If we break this it could imply the push to the 109.768 and could spark a sell-off on GBP/USD and EUR/USD.


Fornge – The Forex Compounding Challenge

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If you haven’t watched the video you might be wonder what is the catch or why aren’t they charging for this? Well, the way we see it is why would we need to charge for something like this. It’s a challenge, not a product. Also if you’ve seen the maths if this works we don’t need to charge at all. Now if you’ve used the ICMarket link it’s a referral to that broker and we do earn commision when you place trades. So we do make money that way. We also created this challenge as we at Fornge are traders and we wanted a way to challenge our selves.

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Week Ahead – 25-02-2018

GBP/USD – We have some big news on Friday for GBP as May speaks. There could be a lot of resistance to trade this week due to her speaking on Friday. We may see a small trend appear over the course of the week due to there no big influx of volume as we wait for her speech.

This has caught my eye on the H1 chart on GBP/USD. I expect to see candles like this on the M1 to M15 chart but on a H1 chart. This sparks red flags in my mind. This could be a set up for a major push past the high of 1.43422 or could be the indication of someone scalping with the ease of low volume (it happened on a Friday)

As you can see from the GBP/USD daily chart we are in the mid-range territory. So my suspicions of this being an attempt at breaking that recent high of the above handle of 1.43 could be a possibility. If we get a continuation of this uptrend during the weekdays and are close to the 1.41460 by Thursday I could see us pushing in an attempt at the 1.43442 resistance area. Now if we see a downtrend push and we break the interday support of 1.39057 that we saw on Friday then that to me could suggest that GBP traders are not confident in what May’s speech will include.

EUR/USD – ECB President Draghi Speaks at 2pm GMT on Monday. 

As we can see on EUR/USD daily chart we’ve formed a triple top. To me, this instantly suggests that we are in range trading territory. We’ve managed to keep support above the main support zone of 1.22060 to 1.22750. This could suggest depending on how the ECB speech goes we could see another attempt at the mid-range resistance of 1.242883. A break of the mentioned support zone could see us down to 1.206723 support.

USD/JPY – If we see EUR weakness from the ECB speech and also GBP weakness due to many traders holding back until we get more information from Mays speech on Friday. We could see the dollar gaining some beginning week strength. We have found a major support zone on USD/JPY

as you can see 105.540 acted as major support for USD/JPY. We’ve had an attempt of the 108 area and we failed. But it’s expected from a volume beginning week push. Retrace is always expected at key resistance levels. If we do see EUR & GBP weakness we could see this support acting as a push to the main resistance of 109.768. A Fail to brake this level could see a possible range traded down trend like we’ve seen over the past month down to 104.286688 area.

Trumps Weaker Dollar..

As long as Trump is in power there will always be a + side to the USD being weak. (Remember Trump is a businessman)
Analysis: Trump wants to make America ‘great again. How does one simply do this? By pulling as much overseas money back into there economy by doing tax cuts and helping the rich stay rich or become richer. Now, why would a weaker dollar help this?
Let me explain. Apple has a lot of there “overseas” profits in Ireland. Witch is Euro and Euro/USD hit a 3 year high couple weeks back. So if apple brings all there Euro profit back to the USA they will get more for there money as the exchange rate is up. This also goes into apple’s quarter as earning as it’s proffit.. See how it all interwinds…
Also, a lot of people have profit in Swiss bank accounts with is USD/CHF that is also staying up at a high that’s not been seen for 6 years.
Also if you go and look who is the FED Chair you will see we are back to how the Whitehouse used to look. White mail president and white mail fed chair.
Just watch over time you will see America go back to how it used. Tiny bit by bit but when we look back at the bigger picture we will all say ohhhhhhhhhh.
Also,I can see GBP/USD hitting around 1.78-2 and EURO/USD hitting around 1.68-72 before trumps term ends.